Monday, October 5, 2009

Overpriced Education

As I sit in lecture after lecture, I wonder, "will I ever use this?" The answer: No.

I'm a media studies major. One would assume I take classes revolving around the media industry and learning the tools of the trade. Instead I spend my time sitting in classes such as anthropology, intercultural communication, human communication, communication research methods, communication theory. HOW MUCH CAN ONE PERSON LEARN ABOUT COMMUNICATION!?!?!

I want to learn how to produce a show. How to write a script and get real life experience. But instead, I spend four years of my life sitting in a desk listening to professors ramble about something irrelevant. While yes, I have taken 4 classes that deal with the media, that is hardly enough to learn about the industry.

I could have gone to a two year tech school where I actually learned television, but an education from a two year school is not valued in society like that of a 4 year school. Not to mention the "college experience" only found on 4 year college campuses.

Education Majors student teach and nursing majors work in a hospital. So why can't the rest of us go work in the field?

They say college prepares you for the real world, but as graduation approaches in May, I can't help but feel unprepared.

Monday, September 28, 2009

rain with a side of rain

I've always seen floods on the news. Watching people sit on their roof tops while the water kept rising above them and never understood why they didn't just leave when the saw the water starting to rise. But last week I learned just how powerful water is.

It'd been raining for a good 3-4 days and I spent the weekend in Greenville, Sc. and on the way home sunday afternoon the roads in GA were already starting to fill up with water. When I woke up monday morning it was raining like I have never seen before. It never seemed to end!!! I made the choice to not go to class that day and I am glad I didn't. By 1:00 on monday campus was flooded and it was taking students and hour to get off campus! Every other road was flooded in the area!

My brother was sent home early from school and we drove
around the neighborhood to see the flood that was taking place.

Here's a few pics of the flooding

KSU parking lot!

Parking Lot at my pool

The brown line you see in the water is
a dock that is normally 3 ft above water

Tennis Any one??

It took a few days for every one to recover from it, but things are back to normal where I live but other parts of GA are still recovering. Now that the sun is back, I need to go find my sunglasses.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

A new start

So I started this whole blog thing to keep in touch with my friend Angie who is spending the summer in South Korea, but I discovered that I enjoyed blogging and reading my friend's blogs so I figured I'd start blogging. Not sure who all is going to read this but feel free to leave comments.