Tuesday, January 18, 2011

It's really fun...

To watch some one else suffer as you did and reflect on your once torture. Maybe it's because I'm now a coach and get to make kids run till they die, or maybe it's me being an older sister who feels her little brother has had the easy road in life. The little yet taller brother started lacrosse conditioning to day. His first real pre-season experience and he's about to DIEEEEEEE. I picked him up over two hours ago and this is the position he has been in ever since....

While I do miss being in freakishly good shape and the feel of being sore from a work out, it's really fun to watch some one else suffer. Particularly a sibling. He has 2 more weeks of this, I can't wait. 

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

And then it snowed...

In case you don't know, it snowed in Ga. While yes, we do get snow, this is how a typical "snow storm" goes in Ga: 

The weather man makes a 50/50 guess on if it's really going to snow. Then people go out and buy lots of milk and produce and meat. Leaving the grocery stores bone dry. That night it would start to snow. (By snow I mean light light flurries). We wake up in the morning hoping to not have school/work and there's a solid inch or two of snow on the ground. The snow will last till about 1 in the afternoon and then melts away. However this particular snow storm we're having right now is nothing like this! 

They said it was going to snow for days and it was going to be HUGE and MESSY. Well, they were right. We have about 5 inches of snow and it's not going any where. While it's starting to melt, its only going to freeze tomorrow when the cold front hits (google "Atlanta drivers on ice" to understand this fully). Now it takes a full night to get 1-2 inches, but this was different. We had about 2 inches every thirty minutes! I went to take a shower and it had just started with a light amount, by time I got out the place was COVERED. everything was white and pretty. But I have never seen snow like this in GA. While the grocery stores still have NO products to sell and I'm bound to be stuck in the house another day or two it's been nice and I enjoy looking at the snow. 

I just wish GA DOT had more salt trucks and could clear the roads. Until then, I'm stuck entertaining myself in the house. I may go build and igloo. 

So much snow! 

The Brother and Me. 

Monday, January 3, 2011

Something New for the new year

(This is not mine, not even close. But it's super cute and I want to make it one day)

As the ball dropped on new years and the insanity of having two weeks at home and off of work set it, I FINALLY got the hang of crocheting. While I'm not one for resolutions (even though I'm a list making virgo). I never really make resolutions. Not sure if this is a good thing to be resolutionless (my new word) or not, but I like learning things and am always trying new things as it is. No need to make a list on Jan. 1st of things to accomplish by Dec. 31st. But resolutions aside, I finally got the hang of this crochet thing. 

My friend Rachael taught me. Well attempted too until I would just get frustrated and ask a 1000 questions and say "show me just ONE  MORE TIME how to do it." This was over thanksgiving mind you. So I went to the trusty Hobby Lobby and bought supplies: yarn and and needle. I kept trying to figure it out only to make a few loops with the yarn and undo them only moments later. But the other day I sat down determined to get it. A few youtube how to videos later and I finally got the hang of it!!! While I won't be making a fancy smancy quilt or scarf any time soon or winning the speed crochet race, I do have a solid sturdy 5 rows done! Ok so there's a few mishaps and holes along the way, but it will make a lovely dish rag one day. But I'll leave you with some cute crochet things those with far superior skill to me have made. 

Crochet starter tips: 
1. Buy multi colored yard, It makes it easier to see your loops and not skip to many
2. Start with a bigger/fatter needle. Makes bigger loops that are easier to manage
3. For my fellow visual learners who toss written directions out the window: Youtube: How to Crochet and find a video that works for you. 
4. DON'T GIVE UP!! It took me 4-5 honest tries before I could get it. 

I found the pictures at Weheartit.com