Tuesday, June 28, 2011

This n That

Well hello long lost friend I call blogger. I haven't been in a blogging mood lately but a recent trip to some garage sales got me going again. This past weekend I hit garage sale pay day. I found a kitchen table, Two sets of chairs and a coffee table all for the low low price of $32! Sorry I have no pictures yet, but soon enough when I start refinishing them. But I'm very excited about the table and chairs combo. It was quite a nice find. Now to find a place to live, well I've found two places and I'm just waiting on the prices to drop a little. I fail to understand why rental prices fluctuate so much on a day to day basis. I mean I understand how it works, I just find it to be dumb and frustrating. 

While I'm running out of intelligent things to do and occupy my time (some one take me on a trip! any where!!! I beg you!) I did make a nice set of Christmas place mats. The fabric store was having a Christmas in June sale so why not. Here's the end result: 

I think they're quite festive for the holiday season. Now to wait 6 months to use them..... 
Also I finally found fabric I liked enough to upgrade my lamp shade. I think it turned out quite nice. 

That's all for now and I'm not sure what project I'll start next. I'm starting to get project-out and need a vacation. So if any one would like to join me on a trip just let me know. I'll go any where. Also feel free to leave a comment below. It'd surely make my day. 

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Lazy Hazy Summer Days

While summer is in full swing and I'm finally done with all things work related, I'm starting to get bored. You would think after working 2 jobs both full time for 10 months I'd be elated to have some time off. But I'm bored and not quite sure what to do with myself. Since all my friends have either A. Gotten engaged/married and fallen off the face of the earth B. Have a big kid job with big kid hours and can't hang out at noon on a tuesday C. Moved home after college, a good 2 hours away. So I'm left to entertain myself. 
While I have an end table waiting to be refinished, I'm not sure what color to paint it because I don't have a couch yet. And every time I look at couches I find one I like but I'm not sure how big of a place I'll end up with so I don't want to buy a couch and it be to big. It's a terrible cycle. I need a new project thats fun. Any suggestions?? 
Also on a random note, Because of my new found free time I saw a show on TLC: The secret life of gypsies. Holy tackiness! While their weddings seem like a great deal of fun. Their outfits are nuts! The one girl I saw on the show was an "old bride" at the old age of 22. And this girl, such a black sheep in the community, finished her education and held a job! HOW DARE SHE! Needless to say she married the first boy that cared to date her and she looked just tortured at her wedding. While most of my friends are running off and getting married, I see no need for that in my life at the moment. 

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sew Lovely

For years now I've wanted to learn to sew. Every time I'd walk through the craft store I'd look at all the fabrics and think one day I'll sew. Many years later I finally bought a sewing machine. I love it dearly and am TRYING to learn how to sew. I figured since I can't buy anything, I'll make it. So I've made a tote bag of sorts and a pillow. Along with a heating pad. While the bag was the most challenging of them all, I think I'm starting to get the hang of this machine. Here's what I've made so far: 

A Pillow. I know they're simple to make but I had left over fabric and wanted to get the hang of the machine. So a pillow it was! It's a decent little pillow that's just right for curling up on the couch on a rainy day. 

A double sided tote bag. I bought one of those kits that has all the stuff for ya and I went to work! Not one for written directions, (Visual learner here!) I quickly gave up on the directions that used fancy sewing terms I have yet to comprehend. I figured it out and while it turned out alright, I think I could make a much better one the second time around. But for my first pancake it wasn't half bad. It serves its purpose and it's kinda cute too. 

I'm not sure what I'll sew next. I've been altering my soccer coaching shirts because I don't know what part of my 125 lb 5'5 body says I wear a mens medium, but that's what they give me. So if any one knows of a good beginners project please let me know. Also if you want a pillow or tote bag I'd be glad to make ya one! 

Monday, June 13, 2011

I've noticed a few things

I've noticed a few things in my shopping trips and because I'm a list making virgo the rest of this post will be as such...

Things you find in abundance at a thrift shop:
*T-shirts from various Church/School/Family events
*Food processors- wedding gift to many, used by few
*Water Purifiers- To much up-keep. Turn on sink, fill container. WHOAH NOW!
* Wedge Rope Sandals- I question if they were ever in style
*Jeans- Currently 99 cents at my local shop, they have that many. it's 95 outside, low demand
* Stuffed Animals- Quite possibly the grosses thing ever. THROW THEM AWAY!
* VHS- yea, rewind a tape. I-don't-think-so
*Candle Sticks/Holders - It's a yankee candle generation now
*Holiday Decorations- Like the bear that says "you're beary special". Who wouldn't love that man! 
*80's furniture- Fashion and Bold colors making a comeback, furniture not so much

Things you can never find and I need:
* Storage containers- I know women across america spend big at the Container Store and fail to organize!
(I also live in the south where Cool-whip containers are perfectly acceptable tupperware)
* Desk Chair- I have yet to see a completely intact chair
* Water Bottle- Found at a soccer field lost and found nearest you
* Unique picture frames- Your basic shape and style... BOOORRRRING
* Antique Detailed Furniture- See above list
* Sun Dresses- I love them therefore they don't sell them 
* Athletic Clothes- Rare find in the women's department

Ever find anything good at a thrift shop? 

Monday, June 6, 2011

This little light of mine

While the urge to spray paint something struck again, I decided to hit the thrift shops instead of finding something mommy dearest would disapprove of. After an unsuccessful trip to the first shop, The great ole America's Thrift Shop had just what I was looking for. A little desk lamp. it was quite ugly but I loved the shape so I bought it! Here's the Before and After.

Before: The ugly lamp

The ugly lamp shade

After: Pretty Lamp with Pretty Lampshade 

I was quite excited with my new little lamp that cost me a grand total of $5. I'm thinking about putting some fabric on the lampshade to give it a little more style, but I haven't found a fabric that I like so I'll have to keep an eye out for it. I wonder what I'll spray paint next...