Monday, October 5, 2009

Overpriced Education

As I sit in lecture after lecture, I wonder, "will I ever use this?" The answer: No.

I'm a media studies major. One would assume I take classes revolving around the media industry and learning the tools of the trade. Instead I spend my time sitting in classes such as anthropology, intercultural communication, human communication, communication research methods, communication theory. HOW MUCH CAN ONE PERSON LEARN ABOUT COMMUNICATION!?!?!

I want to learn how to produce a show. How to write a script and get real life experience. But instead, I spend four years of my life sitting in a desk listening to professors ramble about something irrelevant. While yes, I have taken 4 classes that deal with the media, that is hardly enough to learn about the industry.

I could have gone to a two year tech school where I actually learned television, but an education from a two year school is not valued in society like that of a 4 year school. Not to mention the "college experience" only found on 4 year college campuses.

Education Majors student teach and nursing majors work in a hospital. So why can't the rest of us go work in the field?

They say college prepares you for the real world, but as graduation approaches in May, I can't help but feel unprepared.