Friday, May 28, 2010

Being a girl...

One of the perks of being a girl is that we get to dress up in pretty clothes and do our hair and make up. One of the negatives to being a girl, doing our hair and make up. I found an article online about a girl who spiced up her work week and it changed her life. The headline caught my attention so I read. Only to find out the "magical life changing thing" this girl did was not wear make up to work on mondays.

While I guess this is something exciting for the girly girls and those with great care in their self image, not wearing make up is majority of my week. It's not that I don't care about how I look, I just forget to put it on. I get up early and get going and just go on with my day. Also I coach soccer and I see no need to get all made up to go run around the soccer field. Don't get me wrong I like to dress up and look pretty but make up had never been at the top of my list. 

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The World owes me

It's true. While I wish it wasn't this way, it is. They say good things come to those who wait. Well I'm tired of waiting!!! 
While life doesn't seem to be going my way lately its life and I have to get through it. 

Do bad things happen to go people? Yes
Do you get your way simply because you deserve it? No
Do people less deserving get what we should? Yes

AND IT SUCKS! While I feel like life is kicking me while I'm down lately I know it will turn around one day. I hope to get a decent paying job I don't despise sooner than later which will allow me to move away from all my problems. I'm not sure where I want to move, but I know it's not here.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Funny Idea, horrible result

My latest netflix movie: The Invention of Lying. The plot is quite simple. A man figures out he can tell a lie. He's the only person who can in this very honest world. As the story goes he begins to use the power to get his way at life. Think Evan All Mighty. While this is a great idea, it's a big flop. It's as if the writers tried to be funny as they are on The Office. But it falls short of Ha. 

One thing I noticed was the lack of lines for the actors. Ricky Jarvas's character runs around telling lies to people to fix the world, but you can't actually hear what is being said because it's just music playing. This happens a few times in the movie. Now, I understand this is a technique used to speed up the plot or storyline. But was the story line that weak? Oh well. 

Needless to say I didn't rate this one to high on my netflix review. I'm sure it will be one the end up on tv that we'll watch while we do laundry and organize our closets. But until then I wouldn't waste your time on this one. 

Monday, May 3, 2010

And then there was one...

While I try to find the motivation to study for my last college final EVER. (trust me this is hard thing to do) I can't help but think how fast it all went by. I said my goodbyes to the sorority last night and it was bitter sweet. I know it's time to leave and move on with my life, but my sorority had become a comfort to me in college. I met a lot of amazing girls and did things I never would have other wise. 

As I get ready to go join the big girl world and avoid my last final I have no clue what to do next. Jobs are hard to come by but I can try and find one. I just don't want a desk job where I'm bored. I need a job that's creative and active. I want to go take some photography classes and other artsy classes. I'm not artist but more of a crafter. But it's something to keep me occupied. I've worked two jobs on top of going to school full time and being in a sorority for the last 3 years. Needless to say I would be lost with out my planner. But now that I won't have anything going on I need to find a hobby or two. or three. 

Back to studying I go.