Thursday, May 26, 2011

Seems to be a trend...

When I was about 10 or 11 this new store called Bath and Body Works came to town, and to any preteen that was a place to shop. Soon hitting PE locker rooms where the smells of old gyms met sweaty kids finished off with every fragrance you could think of. While the girl to your right bathed in Vanilla (eww) the girl to your left preferred rose leaving me to smell horribly of two scents I hate. I believe the first popular fragrance was cucumber mellon, only to be trumped by sweet pea. But for my pre teen birthdays all I seemed to get was Bath and Body Works. Don't get me wrong its a simple easy gift to get any one and it will get used and I enjoyed my collection of lotions and sprays, It took FOREVER to run out of. I NEVER could run out!!! While this is the perfect default gift for any one, I quickly had a stockpile hoarders would be proud of.

Fast forward 10 years and while Bath and Body works isn't going bankrupt any time soon and a bottle of sweet pea body spray sits on my dresser as I type, the gift of lotions as been replaced by what else, A Starbucks gift card. Today I received a $15 dollar gift card to said establishment. While I love gift cards (free money!) This is the 20th or so Starbucks card I've hand. Every work raffle, bridal/baby shower game winning prize, or thank you card is a Starbucks card. Just when I think I've spent my card, another one finds its way into my hands. Did I mention I don't drink coffee?? So I'm left to spend my small fortune at the coffee capitol of the world on my Grande Green iced-tea which cost exactly $2.07. While unfortunately, Starbucks doesn't leave me smelling of blueberry-honeysuckle-mellon, I'm glad to have the never ending supply of gift cards to feed the coffee habit I don't have. So next time you go to buy a gift card, Stop and think outside the box, go against the grain, or find your inner rebel and buy a gift card to oh I don't know Target. 

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Oh how I want to quit

Ok so not really, But I'm sitting here thinking how I need new running shoes and I want to go buy a new summer dress and really just want to toss away everything in my closet and go buy new clothes. Oh and I need new Teva flip flops and computer battery. I'm so tempted to give in and just go on a shopping spree with my hard earned yet tiny paychecks. I also want to go thrift shopping and hit up all the garage sales that come with spring cleaning. But alas, I work. and then I work some more and then maybe I sleep. No joke, I work every day for a month solid. Help?!
Maybe if I wasn't so busy and was able to go out and shop for some great thrift deals and really enjoy my year of nothing new I wouldn't feel like quitting this thing. Besides, I have no clue how many people are really reading this thing any ways or if those that do even really care. Like I've said before I didn't start out doing this to solve some shopaholic ways or prove a point about going green. I just did it as a challenge. Others run marathons, I'm buying nothing new. 
Oh on a side note. I want to set up an Etsy shop over the summer if any one has an advice on setting up an online shop or selling things online let me know.  

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A little heart warming

Ever have one of those days where ya just need a little heart warming? And what better way to warm a heart than with a brand new baby? I thought about posting a video of some cute fluffy animal doing something equally as cute, But as Kim and Melissa could tell you, cute fluffy things aren't really my thing. Then I thought about some cute quote to post about, but really that's not a heart warming thing and I'm not in a quote mood. So I decided on pictures of Gabby. Is there anything better than a newborn to warm your heart?? So here's a few pictures of Gabby. I doubt this will be the last of them cause she's just so darn cute and did I mention Rachael is a pretty cool mom too. Well, She is. 

Meet Gabby. Here she is only a few hours old

Does it get any sweeter than tiny feet?

Well I hope this warmed your heart up a bit.