Monday, June 28, 2010

1hr 45 min of being a kid again

I finally got to go see Toy Story 3. I won't spoil the story line if you haven't seen it so no worries! But this movie is based on the same story line as the last two where the toys have to rescue some one and get back to Andy. But at the same time it is very different.  However, you won't be lost if you haven't seen one or two. Or if it's been a decade since you last saw it. For the hour and 45 min in the theater, I felt like a kid again! While the ending is bitter sweet and sad (many have teared up) it's worth it. You'll want to come home and hug any toys you have left from your youth. 

Monday, June 21, 2010

Will Work for just about anything

Well it's been a month since I graduated and I have yet to find a job. While I'm enjoying the free time, I'm not enjoying the lack of cash flow. While I have not consulted my trusty planner in a few weeks much less located its where-abouts, my days are filled with applications and resumes and networking. Only to wake up and find rejection letters in my inbox. While I have no clue what I want to do, in this economy there's not a whole lot to pick from either. So I've pretty much settled on applying to anything and everything. So Far that list includes: 
  Nanny Job- some how working in the after school program where I would have 30 kids to myself and coaching soccer where I again have 30 kids does not qualify me for caring for 2-3 kids.... 

Emory University- I applied to a lot of jobs ranging from fundraising to campus housing department. They kindly send me a rejection letter just about every morning now. 

Retail jobs- I don't want to go back to a life of retail. Long hours on my feet, dealing with customers and upper management who seem to have a better idea of how to do my job than I do. All for a few bucks an hour. But if it's all I can take, I will. 

Ski resorts- that's right folks. I'm looking for a seasonal/yearly job at ski resorts out west. Why? you ask. Simply because they're hiring or about to start hiring and it's a job that gets me out of here! and I could ski for free! personally, I'm very hopeful on this job front. I think it would be a great job for some one in their early 20s. 

I hope I have a job sooner than later. But I'll never know. I may just pack up and become a bum and walk around the country. 

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

International team of mystery

I give you the North Korea World Cup team. While this team has a less than favorable shot at making it past group play (round 1) much less the actual finals and winning the whole thing, they are a unique team.

While most teams have the support of their local politicians and public figures, the koreans have strategy from their oh so lovely leader, Kim Jong-il. Now how does this fine leader contact his coaching staff? cell phone?twitter? blackberry? Nope. He has an invisible intena. Don't you want one?
Think of all the secret phone calls you could make and no one would have a clue! it's like inspector gadget  come to life with the phone in his hand!

Now, the mystery does not stop there my friends. Oh no! Rumor is that they hired chinese actors to play their fans at the games. That's right, they hired their own fans! Now maybe, just maybe, Mr. Jong-il could kindly let some of his citizens leave the country for a few days to cheer on their team. But what kind of dictator would he be if he did that? No this sounds crazy, but when you see them. They're all sitting together dressed in the same outfits.

Saturday, June 12, 2010


Lots and lots of oil. I just returned home from my trip to Gulf Shores, AL. Minus the 10% sales tax they have, it's an awesome place to visit if you're in need of a vacation spot. But back to my issue of oil. While we started our trip last Saturday unsure if we were going to go or how many day of clean ocean we would actually see, we packed our bags and headed to the beach!

It started off great! the water was fine and we couldn't smell the oil either. We did see a few tiny (no bigger than a dime) tar balls. But to my amazement I've seen these before on the beach but never knew it was tar. It really just looks like mud so that's what I always thought it was. Our condo was close enough to the Perdido Pass (where the back bay meets the ocean) to see the crews working tirelessly to close the bay off from the ocean.

By mid week the tarball count rose with high tide in the afternoon. But come low tied the following morning it was gone. There were lots of boats out working in the waters and helicopters flying above checking things out.

Wednesday afternoon a little big of oil made it into the pass/bay area but they efforts of the BP people paid off. The oil was contained and cleaned up in just a few hours.

Thursday afternoon we went fishing in the back bay and had a blast. Our captain Troy gave us all the info on boats going to work for BP to help clean up and what it meant for his business. He seemed to be fairly optimistic about the situation, but he seems to live a life of easy.

Come friday the ocean seemed fine and we went out and played around in it for a bit. But we noticed something wasn't right with the boats and helicopters. They weren't up to their usual scoping out things. They seemed to be on a mission. A few hours later around sunset the oil hit. The tarballs were washing up on shore and it had a very strong odor. To me it smelled the same as when you break a glow stick open. I was shocked by all the oil I'd seen over the week but I was in for the biggest of them all.

About 2 hours after the tarballs the oil arrived. It's like nothing I have ever seen. To ocean resembled willy wonka's chocolate pond, but less appetising. It was thick and a redish/brown color. It even made a glooopy gloppy sound when the waves crashed the shore. Only to leave a thick layer of oil behind. I was truly shocked by what I saw. The smell of an old gas station filled the air as the tar filled the beach.

Come saturday morning the oil had thinned out but was still all over the beach and the smell was stronger. But crews were out early in the morning in the 90+ degree heat to clean it up. Here's a few pics of the oil. I'll post some more stuff later.

This is the oil on shore. All the brown you see is a wave coming up on shore.

Here's a happy picture of the ocean.