Tuesday, March 15, 2011

So far so good.

Well I've decided to go a year of buying nothing new. NOTHING. Ok new underwear and bath towels but I had to draw the line some where people.  Now I'm not doing this to cure some horrible shopaholic lifestyle, save money (not that I'm rich) or save the environment, but more as a challenge for myself. Others may run a marathon, bike across the country, climb Everest. But I've decided to see how creative I can get with decorating and reusing things. I think it will be fun and who knows what adventures it will lead me on. 

Now I have come to my first road block/ shopping lesson. TARGET. While I could easily spend my life savings in that store, I did well not buying anything. My solution, simply to not go to the parts of the store (clothes, home decor) that tempt me. I did not stop and collect my two hundred dollars, I turned a blind eye and buried my head and kept going! Tough? yes. Impossible? no. I can't imagine if I were a true shopaholic. I'll have to think twice about just waltzing into a store these days to look around and kill time. Might just have to carry a good book around with me. Feel free to suggest a good book. 

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