Tuesday, June 15, 2010

International team of mystery

I give you the North Korea World Cup team. While this team has a less than favorable shot at making it past group play (round 1) much less the actual finals and winning the whole thing, they are a unique team.

While most teams have the support of their local politicians and public figures, the koreans have strategy from their oh so lovely leader, Kim Jong-il. Now how does this fine leader contact his coaching staff? cell phone?twitter? blackberry? Nope. He has an invisible intena. Don't you want one?
Think of all the secret phone calls you could make and no one would have a clue! it's like inspector gadget  come to life with the phone in his hand!

Now, the mystery does not stop there my friends. Oh no! Rumor is that they hired chinese actors to play their fans at the games. That's right, they hired their own fans! Now maybe, just maybe, Mr. Jong-il could kindly let some of his citizens leave the country for a few days to cheer on their team. But what kind of dictator would he be if he did that? No this sounds crazy, but when you see them. They're all sitting together dressed in the same outfits.

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