Monday, June 21, 2010

Will Work for just about anything

Well it's been a month since I graduated and I have yet to find a job. While I'm enjoying the free time, I'm not enjoying the lack of cash flow. While I have not consulted my trusty planner in a few weeks much less located its where-abouts, my days are filled with applications and resumes and networking. Only to wake up and find rejection letters in my inbox. While I have no clue what I want to do, in this economy there's not a whole lot to pick from either. So I've pretty much settled on applying to anything and everything. So Far that list includes: 
  Nanny Job- some how working in the after school program where I would have 30 kids to myself and coaching soccer where I again have 30 kids does not qualify me for caring for 2-3 kids.... 

Emory University- I applied to a lot of jobs ranging from fundraising to campus housing department. They kindly send me a rejection letter just about every morning now. 

Retail jobs- I don't want to go back to a life of retail. Long hours on my feet, dealing with customers and upper management who seem to have a better idea of how to do my job than I do. All for a few bucks an hour. But if it's all I can take, I will. 

Ski resorts- that's right folks. I'm looking for a seasonal/yearly job at ski resorts out west. Why? you ask. Simply because they're hiring or about to start hiring and it's a job that gets me out of here! and I could ski for free! personally, I'm very hopeful on this job front. I think it would be a great job for some one in their early 20s. 

I hope I have a job sooner than later. But I'll never know. I may just pack up and become a bum and walk around the country. 

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