Thursday, August 5, 2010

Going going GONE!!

I love craig's list! It's better than Ebay by far. My lovely mother finally learned to use a computer properly (i.e. upload pictures and make an account on a website) so we posted my brother old bed set and sold it with in 30 min! It was crazy how fast! My mom wanted to sell it for a low rate of $150 but I told her to go for $200 so if they haggle, you can settle at $150. To our luck the buyer took the $200 price with out question! Then we sold my old honda that no longer works nor looks too pretty. Price is still pending but we had 7 offers in 2 hrs! Next up on the craig's list line is a gas stove and old text books! Media law any one?? Hmm... I wonder what else I could sell?? 

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