Thursday, August 19, 2010

My New Gig

I'm three weeks into my new "job" and lets just call it less than fabulous. What is this new job of mine?? a secretary at re/max. I sit at a desk with a phone, computer, and fax machine ALL DAY. I'm too hyperactive for this! I have a hard time focusing at times, but the day goes by pretty fast so that helps. But in a few weeks of answering the phones I've learned people are just not that smart.

I have this conversation just about every day:
Caller: I just drove past a house with your sign in the yard and I am interested in it.
Me: Ok, do you know who the listing agent is on the house?
Caller: No
Me: What's the name of the road the house is on?
Caller: I'm not sure

This is where in mind is screaming "Go to the nearest stop sign and look up at the little green sign on top! what does it say?!"

How can you drive down a road and not notice the name of it? Then to get a phone number off a sign that has a person's name RIGHT ABOVE IT! Really, is it that complicated?? My other favorite calls are the "I want to know how much a house on Main Street is" Yeah, I can't pull that information out of thin air when we have hundreds of houses for sale.

So if you're ever in the market for a house, take note of who is selling the house and the address of the house. Simple things in life, make it go a little smoother.

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