Tuesday, January 11, 2011

And then it snowed...

In case you don't know, it snowed in Ga. While yes, we do get snow, this is how a typical "snow storm" goes in Ga: 

The weather man makes a 50/50 guess on if it's really going to snow. Then people go out and buy lots of milk and produce and meat. Leaving the grocery stores bone dry. That night it would start to snow. (By snow I mean light light flurries). We wake up in the morning hoping to not have school/work and there's a solid inch or two of snow on the ground. The snow will last till about 1 in the afternoon and then melts away. However this particular snow storm we're having right now is nothing like this! 

They said it was going to snow for days and it was going to be HUGE and MESSY. Well, they were right. We have about 5 inches of snow and it's not going any where. While it's starting to melt, its only going to freeze tomorrow when the cold front hits (google "Atlanta drivers on ice" to understand this fully). Now it takes a full night to get 1-2 inches, but this was different. We had about 2 inches every thirty minutes! I went to take a shower and it had just started with a light amount, by time I got out the place was COVERED. everything was white and pretty. But I have never seen snow like this in GA. While the grocery stores still have NO products to sell and I'm bound to be stuck in the house another day or two it's been nice and I enjoy looking at the snow. 

I just wish GA DOT had more salt trucks and could clear the roads. Until then, I'm stuck entertaining myself in the house. I may go build and igloo. 

So much snow! 

The Brother and Me. 

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