Monday, January 3, 2011

Something New for the new year

(This is not mine, not even close. But it's super cute and I want to make it one day)

As the ball dropped on new years and the insanity of having two weeks at home and off of work set it, I FINALLY got the hang of crocheting. While I'm not one for resolutions (even though I'm a list making virgo). I never really make resolutions. Not sure if this is a good thing to be resolutionless (my new word) or not, but I like learning things and am always trying new things as it is. No need to make a list on Jan. 1st of things to accomplish by Dec. 31st. But resolutions aside, I finally got the hang of this crochet thing. 

My friend Rachael taught me. Well attempted too until I would just get frustrated and ask a 1000 questions and say "show me just ONE  MORE TIME how to do it." This was over thanksgiving mind you. So I went to the trusty Hobby Lobby and bought supplies: yarn and and needle. I kept trying to figure it out only to make a few loops with the yarn and undo them only moments later. But the other day I sat down determined to get it. A few youtube how to videos later and I finally got the hang of it!!! While I won't be making a fancy smancy quilt or scarf any time soon or winning the speed crochet race, I do have a solid sturdy 5 rows done! Ok so there's a few mishaps and holes along the way, but it will make a lovely dish rag one day. But I'll leave you with some cute crochet things those with far superior skill to me have made. 

Crochet starter tips: 
1. Buy multi colored yard, It makes it easier to see your loops and not skip to many
2. Start with a bigger/fatter needle. Makes bigger loops that are easier to manage
3. For my fellow visual learners who toss written directions out the window: Youtube: How to Crochet and find a video that works for you. 
4. DON'T GIVE UP!! It took me 4-5 honest tries before I could get it. 

I found the pictures at 

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