Sunday, April 17, 2011

Things to do in a storm 101:

1. Find a can of spray paint
2. Find something to paint.

The tornado siren was going off (which it tends to do frequently) and I didn't have much else to do, so after reading design blogs and watching The Nate show I decided I would redo something. Since the impending tornado prevented a trip to hobby lobby or any thrift shop, I was left to my own devices and had to find something in my house. The result, old picture frames tucked away in the closet and a can of spray paint. It's simple and easy and if you ever need a quick craft, I'd suggest this one. Now these frames are standard and have nothing fancy about them but were just dated to their time (Circa 1988) I'm sure my mother paid good money for this set of frames that contained my many baby pictures only associated with first born children. To those of you not the first born, sorry but us first borns just have more pictures of our life events. Don't hate. So a few minutes later I had a project....

The Before:

The After:

It's nothing that fancy and overly complicated. I mean really, any one can do this. But it was better than sitting on the couch watching tv. 

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