Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Oh how I want to quit

Ok so not really, But I'm sitting here thinking how I need new running shoes and I want to go buy a new summer dress and really just want to toss away everything in my closet and go buy new clothes. Oh and I need new Teva flip flops and computer battery. I'm so tempted to give in and just go on a shopping spree with my hard earned yet tiny paychecks. I also want to go thrift shopping and hit up all the garage sales that come with spring cleaning. But alas, I work. and then I work some more and then maybe I sleep. No joke, I work every day for a month solid. Help?!
Maybe if I wasn't so busy and was able to go out and shop for some great thrift deals and really enjoy my year of nothing new I wouldn't feel like quitting this thing. Besides, I have no clue how many people are really reading this thing any ways or if those that do even really care. Like I've said before I didn't start out doing this to solve some shopaholic ways or prove a point about going green. I just did it as a challenge. Others run marathons, I'm buying nothing new. 
Oh on a side note. I want to set up an Etsy shop over the summer if any one has an advice on setting up an online shop or selling things online let me know.  

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