Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The beginning of the end

As I enjoy what might be my last christmas break, ready for the last semester in my college experience, A quote appeared on my sorority's (delta phi epsilon) website and it made me think. It's my last semester of college. I have a great internship that has lots of potential post graduation. A full academic load. I'm going active in my sorority after a long semester off and I'm excited to see what my senior year experience class will have in store for me.

I've worked two jobs to put myself through college and while I would have loved to just take out student loans and party away my college years. With this economy I am grateful I will graduate debt free. And when my children are away at college and come begging for money I will kindly remind them of this detail in my life. I'm sure they'll hate me for it.

While I'm not sure where I will be after may (hopefully I can drive across the country this summer) I'm glad I'm here. I can see the finish line. To do something only a few of the men in my family have done and graduate college. While I am completely rethinking the communication major and thinking being a teacher would be a pretty good fit for me, I honestly don't know what the future holds but I know it will be a welcomed change!

While the color coded planner in my is stress by not knowing where I will be in 6 months. The rest of me is pretty excited.

I will leave you with the quote that inspired this post:

Sororities symbolize all that we wish to accomplish in our lives. They represent the struggles we all face as we grow. Why we cling to them no one can explain, but in the end, we are all stronger for it."

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