Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Going Orgainic??

So after a solid two weeks of rush hour traffic, loads of class work and lack of money thanks to the unpaid internship, My diet and my visits to the gym are beginning to suffer. With no time to shop I was forced to eat out for lunch more than I'd like in a week and my few dollars only stretch so far. Needless to say, I'm in need of some good quality food. My feeling if ick was not helped by watching Oprah's episode on the documentary Food Inc. But it's true. Fresh organic food does make you feel better and I am in desperate need of some and some new recipes. 

My friend Anna (who lives in Utah) and I swapped some recipes via mail. I know who would have thought?! Mailing a friend a letter these days. But it's fun to get mail that doesn't include the world "Balance due" every now and then. I'm eager to try some of the goodies she sent me. I just may do a blog about it. 

If any one out there in blog world has a good recipe or just a good food tip in general I would love to have it!

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  1. nice to hear you included me in this post. lol have you had a chance to try any of them? i have lots and lots more. I love eating organic though. I don't know if I ever told you this but my senior year in highschool, my mom and I did a strictly all organic food diet kinda thing. We did feel amazing. The energy I had was fantastic. My face cleared up. and I felt so good about myself all the time. I definitely recommend eating as well as you can. Not necessary all organic but lots of veggies, only whole grains, and organic milk and eggs, and grass fed meat and chicken. the meat is a bit more expensive but oh so good and oh so much better for you! ps. i watched that episode on oprah too!