Monday, April 5, 2010

House sitting Day 2: Dogs Dogs and More Dogs

Well Day two went a little better than day one. The AC is fixed... I think? The dogs are finally use to me. The little pup finally stopped growling at me for simply being in the room. We're moving in the right direction. But I've had a lot of dogs lately. I have my own dog, I'm watching 2 at the house, my parents watched my neighbors dog at our house for the weekend and then my cousin came over and brought his dog. That's 5 dogs in ONE DAY. It's a lot of dogs when I'm use to my one dog. Once one dog licks you, they all smell it and have to do the same. I'm ready for a dog break! I don't know how people have multiple dogs! 

But since all the bosses at work are on vacation our staff meeting was very sparse but very productive I think. Funny how much work gets done when the bosses are gone. But only 5 intern days left! :) 

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