Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Personality of Pets

Isn't it odd that animals seem to have their own personalities too? Its funny to watch them and wonder what's going on in that head of theirs. 

This is Snowball. I rescued her when she was a little kitten from a dumpster. She's quite smart for a cat I think. She lets us know when she's hungry or wants to go outside. And if you don't get her what she wants, She'll start shredding paper. Odd I know. But she's supper supper soft and you just want to pick her up and hold her. 

This is Gracey. She's stupid. I say that in the nicest way. She doesn't communicate, just has a blank stare. She doesn't really chase bugs like normal cats. Just looks at them and kinda reaches her paw out. She won't curl up in your lap, but simply perch on you leg. 

These aren't mine, but I saw them at the zoo and though it was cute. 

This is Kobe. He sleeps like this. He quite the dog too. He's very smart and very friendly. You'd just have to meet him to know his personality. He thinks he's a little dog and wants to sit in your lap.

The following are just funny/cute animal pictures: 

Dolphins are my favorite. 

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