Sunday, April 4, 2010

House Sitting Day 1

So my boss at the internship took pity on me and gave me a chance to make money. When he asked if I wanted to make money I got excited thinking I was FINALLY going to get paid for my slave labor. But alas, it was  nothing work related. He just wanted me to house sit and watch his two dogs. 

Now after one night of house sitting I'm feeling a little doped into this gig. First off, It's 20 mins from my current home and school which is slightly annoying. While it's nice to have place to myself and watch a movie in full with out a single interruption. There's no food in the house. He said I was free to eat his food. That would be nice if there was any! Secondly, The AC is on the frits and it's 80 outside. So because of growing up in house that rivals Alaska in temperature, I couldn't sleep from the heat. 

While I'm a little disappointed in how this is playing out, I'm not sure if I'll spend the night again or not and just make the 20 min ride a few times a day. But all I know is I will be at work tomorrow working for free while he sits on the beach in south florida some where. luckily only 3 weeks of internship left and 4 of school! 

And last of All. HAPPY EASTER! 

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