Monday, June 13, 2011

I've noticed a few things

I've noticed a few things in my shopping trips and because I'm a list making virgo the rest of this post will be as such...

Things you find in abundance at a thrift shop:
*T-shirts from various Church/School/Family events
*Food processors- wedding gift to many, used by few
*Water Purifiers- To much up-keep. Turn on sink, fill container. WHOAH NOW!
* Wedge Rope Sandals- I question if they were ever in style
*Jeans- Currently 99 cents at my local shop, they have that many. it's 95 outside, low demand
* Stuffed Animals- Quite possibly the grosses thing ever. THROW THEM AWAY!
* VHS- yea, rewind a tape. I-don't-think-so
*Candle Sticks/Holders - It's a yankee candle generation now
*Holiday Decorations- Like the bear that says "you're beary special". Who wouldn't love that man! 
*80's furniture- Fashion and Bold colors making a comeback, furniture not so much

Things you can never find and I need:
* Storage containers- I know women across america spend big at the Container Store and fail to organize!
(I also live in the south where Cool-whip containers are perfectly acceptable tupperware)
* Desk Chair- I have yet to see a completely intact chair
* Water Bottle- Found at a soccer field lost and found nearest you
* Unique picture frames- Your basic shape and style... BOOORRRRING
* Antique Detailed Furniture- See above list
* Sun Dresses- I love them therefore they don't sell them 
* Athletic Clothes- Rare find in the women's department

Ever find anything good at a thrift shop? 

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