Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Lazy Hazy Summer Days

While summer is in full swing and I'm finally done with all things work related, I'm starting to get bored. You would think after working 2 jobs both full time for 10 months I'd be elated to have some time off. But I'm bored and not quite sure what to do with myself. Since all my friends have either A. Gotten engaged/married and fallen off the face of the earth B. Have a big kid job with big kid hours and can't hang out at noon on a tuesday C. Moved home after college, a good 2 hours away. So I'm left to entertain myself. 
While I have an end table waiting to be refinished, I'm not sure what color to paint it because I don't have a couch yet. And every time I look at couches I find one I like but I'm not sure how big of a place I'll end up with so I don't want to buy a couch and it be to big. It's a terrible cycle. I need a new project thats fun. Any suggestions?? 
Also on a random note, Because of my new found free time I saw a show on TLC: The secret life of gypsies. Holy tackiness! While their weddings seem like a great deal of fun. Their outfits are nuts! The one girl I saw on the show was an "old bride" at the old age of 22. And this girl, such a black sheep in the community, finished her education and held a job! HOW DARE SHE! Needless to say she married the first boy that cared to date her and she looked just tortured at her wedding. While most of my friends are running off and getting married, I see no need for that in my life at the moment. 

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