Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sew Lovely

For years now I've wanted to learn to sew. Every time I'd walk through the craft store I'd look at all the fabrics and think one day I'll sew. Many years later I finally bought a sewing machine. I love it dearly and am TRYING to learn how to sew. I figured since I can't buy anything, I'll make it. So I've made a tote bag of sorts and a pillow. Along with a heating pad. While the bag was the most challenging of them all, I think I'm starting to get the hang of this machine. Here's what I've made so far: 

A Pillow. I know they're simple to make but I had left over fabric and wanted to get the hang of the machine. So a pillow it was! It's a decent little pillow that's just right for curling up on the couch on a rainy day. 

A double sided tote bag. I bought one of those kits that has all the stuff for ya and I went to work! Not one for written directions, (Visual learner here!) I quickly gave up on the directions that used fancy sewing terms I have yet to comprehend. I figured it out and while it turned out alright, I think I could make a much better one the second time around. But for my first pancake it wasn't half bad. It serves its purpose and it's kinda cute too. 

I'm not sure what I'll sew next. I've been altering my soccer coaching shirts because I don't know what part of my 125 lb 5'5 body says I wear a mens medium, but that's what they give me. So if any one knows of a good beginners project please let me know. Also if you want a pillow or tote bag I'd be glad to make ya one! 

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