Saturday, July 9, 2011

And the list keeps growing!

The other day my friends Meg and Kristen both informed me of this lovely website called (Now if you’ve never been to this website consider this your warning.) This website will change they way you bum around the Internet. 
You simply sign in and select things that interest you. For example, I picked traveling, photography, crafts, and a few others. Then you hit the stumble button and a website matching your criteria will show up. You can add it to your favorites or hit the button again.
 Needless to say I’ve spent a good deal of my time on this website and have found the neatest things. The downside, my craft list and things I want to do list have quickly doubled in length. But with 3 weeks of soccer camp and work starting 2 weeks after that, my time is quickly running out. But here’s a few of the things I have planned:


How cute is that? And it's so easy to make. Now I just need some buttons....

And these bad boys are about to get turned into this: 

 Home made Solar Lamps. I just need some old yard solar lamps. So if you have any that work I'd love to have them! 
I also found a woven rug made from old bed sheets, some new recipes, and lots lots more! How I'm going to get all this done before teaching and coaching pick back up I don't know. So if any one would like to sponsor me so I don't have to work and can just do this for a living that would be fantastic! 

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