Friday, July 1, 2011

A house is a house

While I doubt I'll be living in my dream house any time soon, It never hurts to house hunt a little! 

No need for a house sitter, just deflate it. 

I'd never Leave

Nor would I live this one either. 


World's cutest tree house! 

Sarah Sells Sea Shell down by the sea shore

 I'd stay in bed all day with a good book here. 

Side Note: I'm in need of a queen bed frame if you have a spare :) 


  1. These are crazy!

    Get some free pallets and make a bed frame. I have seen a bunch of examples on line and it would be awesome! Hey, where do you live anyway? I am just lovin your blog!

    Do you think I can feature your blog in a few weeks when I am on vacation?


  2. I'd love for you to feature my blog! I'll have to write something good now! Thanks for the idea I'll have to look into it!