Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A bit of a road block

What I would give for new shoes!!!!! A kidney (I have one to spare right?) an Arm, A leg, My Soul.... ANYTHING FOR NEW SHOES!!! Now when I say I need new shoes I do not mean this in the "I'm a girl obsessed with shoes" kinda way. No no, Although I was gainfully employed at a shoe store for quite a while with a lovely discount, I'm not really a shoe obsessed person like other members of my gender. I still have my converse I bought in the 10th grade people. 
I need Athletic Shoes. Asics size 7 1/2 or 8 to be specific. Now I know there are lots and lots of shoes worn once or twice and simply tossed to the side. I could easily find a pare of black dress shoes or simple boots. But athletic shoes are hard to come by, much less ones that aren't fairly worn which defeats the reason of buying new shoes.
 While mine are in good condition, the supports in them are completely gone and 3 weeks of soccer camp are taking their toll on me. My already bad ankles kill! Now I need these shoes out of necessity not a need. I coach soccer 6-7 days a week this fall... I need new comfortable shoes badly. Now if only the Adidas gods would give us shoes in our coaching gear pack this  year. 
I recently painted Josh and Dawns' hall way in payment of Teva flip flops... which I have yet to receive (cough cough, josh, cough cough) Again another thing I had a necessity for, as mine I can open like a sandwich and make talk. When do I wear said flip flops that I have to have them you ask?? Why that's simple. When I get off the soccer field when I've been out there for 8 hours. Any who. So if any one would like to gift me some shoes or repay me for a service I have offered in the past or future, I would be very grateful. I'd offer to work for them but I don't have a free moment for a good 2 more weeks. I'm a 7 1/2 or 8. Nothing pink. 

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