Sunday, July 17, 2011

A nifty idea...

I was bumming around blog world one day and came across Kim at too much time on my hands and she is on a wooden pallet kick. GENIUS? I think so. Every time I see a wooden pallet just chillin by a dumpster my craft brain gets a going! There's just so many things out there people have made from this free wood.  Kim took this pallet: 

And turned it into this! 

She's currently giving one away in a contest so if you want a shot at winning this nifty little organizer pop on over to her site at too much time on my hands and say hello. You can also see her full post about building one of these bad boys. Here's a few other things people have made with wooden pallets. 


Cool huh? I love love love the shelf!! I'm thinking a nice planter for a small patio garden? It looks totally awesome in my head! Maybe I'll bring it to life one of these days. Add it to the ever growing list of things I want to make one day. 

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